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VIVA VOCE will answer all the questions you have always wanted to ask about organizing conferences and meetings. By sharing our experience and know-how with you, we will help you organise a better conference.

Seven Essential Guidelines for Conference Organisers

  1. Contact a recognized consultant interpreter - such as VIVA VOCE - for advice and quotes.
  2. Discuss all your questions regarding the interpretation service and equipment requirements with VIVA VOCE before finalising the venue.
  3. Hire professional conference interpreters and sound equipment complying with ISO standards, do not sacrifice the quality of your conference for the sake of false savings. VIVA VOCE will also offer good advice on technical issues.
  4. Sign individual contracts with each of the interpreters to secure their availability... or entrust this task to VIVA VOCE.
  5. Ensure the interpreters receive all the relevant conference documentation in good time to enable them to prepare the subject matter of your conference adequately. VIVA VOCE will handle this for you.
  6. Take into account attention span and keep individual conference sessions to three hours at most! Try not to stress or tire the delegates.
  7. Appoint a member of your team to liaise with the interpreters' team during the conference.

More information

Please click here for a list of suggestions for Conference Organizers. Speakers might be grateful for these hints to help them maximise their presentation.
If you are not sure which sound equipment you require, consult this fact sheet ... or contact VIVA VOCE
When holding your event at a hotel, the contribution of the hotel staff is paramount. Click here for ideas about your requirements and the points to clarify with the Conference or Meeting Manager.
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